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1: All Marketing Experts Are Blinded By Bias


David introduces his new podcast which will help dispel myths, get rid of the fluff and focus on what really matters in digital marketing. There is so some much information out there and millions of digital marketers. How do you know who to trust and who to listen to?


In this podcast, find out about David, how he became interested in marketing as a child and developed a wide range marketing experience. David talks about why many people are dissatisfied with marketers and how ‘they all sound the same’. He discusses the problem of bias, the possibility he might be wrong and strategies for overcoming cognitive bias.


  • How David fell in love with marketing when he was a kid ([02:32])
  • How David took to technology ([03:40])
  • Why he likes to give people free marketing advice ([04:18])
  • The way most people feel about marketers ([05:16])
  • How to find USPs by looking at peoples complaints ([05:44])
  • Passion is not evidence of success ([06:15])
  • David’s First Principal ([07:26])
  • The limits to data ([08:53])
  • The problem with bias ([09:39])
  • How understanding someone’s financial motivation helps you to know which advice to trust ([13:30])
  • What David’s main marketing bias is ([14:40])
  • How budget allocation is the biggest opportunity in digital marketing right now ([16:03])
  • The problem of cognitive biases ([17:09])
  • Is too much information bad? ([18:33])
  • A strategy to overcome cognitive bias ([21:15])
  • David talks about the aims for his podcast ([25:15])

Image showing Confidence Levels increasing while Accuracy remains the same.



Links Mentioned:

The Psychology of Intelligence Analysis by Richards J. Heuer on Amazon


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