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Buy Low; Sell High: The Real Key to Successful Marketing

Media companies and publishers want to extract as much money from their visitors as possible though the selling of advertisements. That’s why the selling of advertisement space happens through auctions. And yes this includes search engine advertising.


So how can you get the most out of adverting without spending lots of money? How do you buy low and sell high? Digital advertising is all about context and levers. What levers can you manipulate on your chosen advertising platform and what is the context of you users. In this podacst David explains levers and contexts and how important they are to your marketing strategy. If you want to have an advantage to your competitors, this is completely achievable by understanding and working with levers and context.


·      Why marketing is an investment (04:00)

·      Why most investment in marketing is a value investment (05:15)

·      How the buying and selling of advertisements happen as an auction (05:38)

·      How real time web based advertising auctions work (06:31)

·      What selling high actually means (10:12)

·      The aim of extracting the most value from your customers (11:36)

·      How it’s easier to sell something to a previous customer of your business and how that can affect your advertising strategy (12:10)

·      How failure can be a part of your marketing strategy (13:53)

·      The importance of conversion rate optimization(14:45)

·      The concept of levers (15:29)

·      The secret to future-proofing your business (16:08)

·      The importance of knowing which audience is more important for you (16:48)

·      How you need to understand your chosen advertising platform (17:23)

·      All about Google’s quality score (20:08)

·      They way’s in which Google allows you to adjust your bids (24:21)

·      How the context of the user can be important information (25:15)

·      Why not all impressions are right for your business(26:59)

·      Exploring a new platform by understanding all the levers (29:39)

·      How you want to know more than your competitors (31:30)

·      How do you decide whether to advertise on Google or Facebook (33:36)

·      Why budget allocation is so important and misunderstood (34:20)

·      The 3 pieces that interplay in digital marketing (35:49)

·      An example of context on Google Adwords (37:15)

·      Why Facebook is often cheaper than Google (38:57)

·      How to extract context so that you know something your competitors don’t know (40:02)

·      How people search on Google and the 3 main types of search (41:22)

·      There are opportunities in discovering keywords that your competitors don’t realise exist (47:26)

·      The opportunity in discovering a new platform for advertising (49:42)

·      The first thing to do is to understand the user’s mindset and behaviour (51:17)

·      How mobile devices create micro-moments that advertising can take advantage of (53:09)



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